The Bowery: The Flannel For All

It’s as simple as it’s stated. The Bowery Flannel is a timless piece that is wearable for all. See for your self. 

Creative Direction
Art Direction


The Bowery Flannel is a cornerstone product for Brixton. Besides headwear, flannel is what Brixton is known for. What is not known is the amount different fits, materials, patterns, and extended sizes available. Brixton truly provides Flannel For All.


Brixton has strong roots in Southern California, specifically Oceanside, CA. This small coastal town is a tight-knit blue collar community built around skilled craftsmen, artists, musicians, surfers & skateboarders which has always been the major influence on Brixton’s identity. For the Bowery Flannel campaign we gathered 25 friends of the brand to hangout for an afternoon and have their photo taken. What came of it was portrait of Oceanside and the many walks of life that reside there. And oh yeah, a great illustration of how the Bowery Flannel is worn by all walks of life and is truly a garment for all.


Informal but refined; three words that perfectly describe Brixton which became our approach for the campaign launch. Leading with BTS video footage of the photo shoot, we edited together a collection of moving portraits of people as they are. This showed the viewer how different people are in a community with their own unique personal style and body type while also giving the feeling of a true representation of life. No filters. No fancy editing. Just a honest representation of a community, it’s people, and how different we are without being to precious about it.



To continue the story of a single flannel wearable by all, we moved from the story of all to a story of specifics. Through print advertising, social media, email marketing, and digital ads we focused on individual people by showing their unique personality through a series of portraits while also featuring the specific Bowery they are wearing with product photos and details. This gave Brixton the opportunity to continue to celebrate where they came from and what they proudly make.

A Little Help From a Friend

Campaign Photography - Steven Treboux (Sports Club)
Graphic Design Support - Jacob Coppes
Much Love to the Friends & Families from Oceanside