Both growing up in Finland – DC pro snowboarder Iikka Backstrom and friend (photographer & ex-professional snowboarder) Jussi Oksanen – share many common interests in their love for snowboarding, camping, skating, surfing, and all things outdoors. Allergic to planning and in love with a good rogue mission to anywhere but nowhere, Iikka is more interested in the journey then the destination. Embrace life’s imperfections, live for the moment, and take a glimpse into the life of Iikka Backstrom as he, Jussi, and friends enjoy the freedom of life during the off season.

The ‘Defined By’ lookbook series takes a glimpse into DC’s diverse personalities by capturing them doing whatever it is they love while wearing only whatever it is they love. This season’s Spring 2016 lookbook was curated by Iikka Backstrom.

PRINT LOOKBOOK - 48 pages - Premium matte stock.

DIGITAL LOOKBOOK - An interactive lookbook with shopping capabilities

ROLL - Design, Photo Direction

Creative Director - Deven Stephens
Photos - Jussi Oksanen
Filmer/Editor - Bobby Sorich

CHRIS SCHINDLER, San Diego, Calif.