Brixton Holiday ‘22 Campaign


The Holiday Gentleman & Hooligan / Lady Rebel

Creative Direction
Art Direction


The holiday season is Brixton’s largest season for DTC sales with 70% annual sales coming in a short 2 month window. This means they have to capture the attention of the consumer has to be fast and in the right way. This season we challenged ourselves to bring the seasonal design theme to life in a meaningful way while creating enough stories and assets to cover all the needs for the long and grueling holiday selling season.


Brixton has a history of partnering with creative and talented people that align with the creative and aesthetic foundations of the company; A vintage inspired aesthetic Done Proper. This season we partnered with genre-bending musician Samm Henshaw and classically trained actress / model Bar Maldonado and met them at their home base in London. Here we expose their personal style and highlight their various talents all set in the everyday textures of suburban England.


With any launch of a new product it is critical to make the biggest splash possible right from the start. We made our big splash focusing our hero video piece and getting as many eyes on it with multiple broad reach and surf endemic media placements pointing them to our site full of fun and educational content.

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Brixton has a vast product line and multiple channels of distribution and specifically with a Holiday season. This means we typically begins as a standard season but then pivots into specific channel shopping and promotional messaging required a thoughtful approach to how we fulfill the various needs in strategic manner. Creating deep well of varying assets around key products and promotion strategy was key to the season’s success.

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ROLL - Creative Direction, Campaign Development, Art Direction

Campaing Photography - Curtis Jehsta
Motion/Camera Opp - Sam Friend
Styling - Ashley Holthaus
Studio Photography - Jack Belli
Studio Photography - Steven Treboux (Sports Club)